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Non-existent landscapes rendered in realtime through a game engine, live weather data applied to in-scene effects, each sliver of a moment unique. The work explores delusion, between the familiar and unfamiliar, high mobility and paralysis, connectedness and isolation; it also triggers all sorts of associations, from oil prices to temporary living quarters, global travel to the specter of terrorism and environmental disaster.

Not a video game, Uncountable is more slow cinema or tv: viewers see scenes stripped of narrative and come to depend on contextual cues. A boardroom falls. Snow drifts through the passenger section of a jet fuselage, a motionless moving walkway, around defunct satellite dishes. Nothing happens in the sense of plot or an open gaming narrative. Instead, the screen frames an experience. Ambient media art taking strategies from structural film, disturbing our relationship with the everyday. Loops fold back into themselves, are experienced and associated with others, which unfold as new experiences. These composite memories layer onto other memories, and corrupt anew. The landscapes remain pristine, yet haunted by the same electro-chemical mortality as our own. See Live cinema/tv above for examples.